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Yosemite in Winter! | Jeff Sullivan Photography

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● vintage & indie blog ●

● vintage & indie blog ●
  • Me: *browsing books in the bookstore*
  • Girl: why do you even read books? They're boring.
  • Me: Well, what do you do as a pastime?
  • Girl: Hangout with my friends, go to malls, amusement parks... Stuffs thrilling than your nerdy reading.
  • Me: *snorts* Bet you never went to Hogwarts or Camp Half Blood. Bet you didn't know there's a 600th floor in the Empire State Building. Bet you didn't know there's a platform 9 3/4 at King's Cross.Bet you never thought that vampires SPARKLE in the sun or there are many type of Vampires in the world including the BlingBling ones. Or saw the possible future of this world like having teens killing each other in a game or having people locked up in a fence not knowing what is beyond it.Or met ridiculously hot guys with super inhuman powers.Bet you never met an alien who looks stunningly attractive and has a number for a name. Or went underground to see where the Fairies, dwarfs, trolls, or other Magical creatures are hiding.You can't possibly know that the Sun was almost swallowed up by a serpent, Or the fact that the world kept on facing ultimate destruction then got saved by Demigods, Aliens, Wizards, Flying Kiddos and Shadowhunters.
  • Girl:
  • Me: Yeah, I thought so.

The fact that Ansel Elgort plays Shailene’s brother in Divergent but in The Fault In Our Stars he plays her boyfriend. 

I keep thinking incest but I’m just dying of how attractive Shailene is….



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